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Hi Goddess, I'm Julia.

I'm so grateful to be connected. My name is Julia and I am a Women's Enthusiasm Coach. I help women cultivate aliveness and excitement in all aspects of life. My life reached a rock bottom when I realized I was drinking my days away, faking orgasms, reaching outside of myself for love and approval, lying to partners about having herpes, and withholding my true self in romantic relationships. Ultimately I was just barely getting by on this completely wild, magnificent, filled-with-possibility human experience. 

I decided to claim my life and not waste another day. I began a deep journey of self-growth and self-discovery. I stepped into my power and never looked back. It's my lifes work to help other women do the same. You deserve to have everything you want to in this life my love. Let's get started!

What women are saying:


Julia’s coaching and group programs have been the single most pivotal part of my self love and personal growth journey. Julia’s coaching supported me through a separation after a 4.5 year long relationship and has taught me so much about how to step into myself, care for myself, expand my sexual and intimate pleasure and desires, and connect and communicate with men. The change I have seen in the way I am able to express myself, care deeply for myself and my body, relate to men, and call in the exact relationship I was desiring is truly profound. I can’t wait to work with Julia for many years to come.


Working with Julia in the last 2 years has impacted my life beyond anywhere I could have ever dreamed of. Being in her energy and receiving her coaching has been such a gift to my life. She has supported and expanded my view of what’s possible when I am truly connected to my desires, she shows me that I can live an abundant life by starting with self and when I tune into my own pleasure, magic and manifestations are created. Everything from conscious relating and expression to feminine radiance and pleasure, her teachings and guidance has changed my life and will continue to. I am so blessed to have Julia as my Goddess Mentor and Sister.


I had been in therapy for years before I started with a life coach. Within months of working with Julia, I was unearthing deep wounds that I had only skimmed the surface of. She was bringing the darkness to light so I could heal, only to then expand. “What if it could be better than you ever imagined?” she asked me, “What if you could have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more?” she said. As her forearm tattoo so perfectly states, Julia is an “earth angel”, brought to this planet, in human form, to free all women. Without her, I lived in the confines of “realistic”. With her, there are no limits to the joy I can feel, the love I can give and the pleasure I can experience. Julia changed everything.


Julia Shepley has truly changed my life. At the time when I joined her program, I had hit complete rock bottom. I had zero self love, my relationship was absolute chaos, and my world just seemed incredibly unstable. Through my work with Julia, I have found lifelong sisterhood, I now have the most beautiful and loving relationship with the same man, and I have learned how to come home to myself. She’s taught me how to love myself through it all. The ups and the downs. She’s taught me how to soften and most importantly she’s created the most beautiful and sacred space that I have so much gratitude for. I really do thank her for all my growth because without her help I would have been a very lost soul.


Connecting with Julia was a complete God shot. I truly believe that the divine angels brought her into my life and I am so grateful. Life since has shown me many examples of why she is supposed to be my coach. The last few months working with her in the radical magical relationships container have taught me so much about myself and my patterns. It has shined a huge light on where I need to take responsibility and taught me new/more effective ways of communicating with the masculine. A lot of what I wanted to get out of this course was to learn how to date and relate to men better. I haven’t been on dates recently to get as much practice as I would like, but I have become exponentially more aware of how I’m behaving and how I can be more in line with my feminine. In addition to Julia’s profound teachings and support, I have found that equally as valuable is the catalyst that she provides to receive that same love, support and connection from an amazing group of women!


It truly is hard for me to form words to describe what working with Julia has done for my life. She carries and exudes the most inviting energy which made the decision of working with her a no brainer. Throughout our time together I have re-discovered some of the most intimate and powerful parts of myself. She has led me down the path of reinventing my relationship with my body and food, my relationship to my emotions and how to deeply nourish and take care of myself, and my relationship to men and the masculine. The peace and sturdiness I feel within my feminine being today is something I never knew was accessible to me. Working with Julia has and IS one of the best investments I've ever made, and I couldn't recommend her more.